Andy Haigh, Mid West Automation, ‘saw’ the potential for a tie-up with another Company – and it’s paying off!

By November 21, 2017UBC News

P1040892Mid West Automation have recently agreed a joint contract with a major Birmingham based manufacturer, associated with the automative industry. In 2016, this manufacturer had a turn over in excess of £15 million, and in the last financial year, their profit was £1.5 million. 

Mid West Automation have been supplying materials to the manufacturer for several years, and have built up an excellent working relationship with them. So when the opportunity of an order arose valued in excess of £100,000.00, consisting of at least 20 tonnes of materials and around six months work, they did not hesitate to approach Andy, and suggest that they joined forces.

Andy has invested £8,000 in a new Semi Automatic Aluminium Cutting Saw, which he is going to loan to the manufacturer to use at their premises. He is then going to arrange for box quantities of aluminium to be delivered direct from Bosch. Once the contract is complete, the saw will be returned to their Unit at Link Business Centre, where it will be used for future production, so it is a fantastic opportunity for Andy and Mid West, which is already extremely busy.

Mid West Automation provide high quality aluminium frame design for many different types of applications.

The trend to replace people with robots is on the increase, and will continue to do so. When manufacturers experience the benefits of automation they like the change, and the demand for more increases. These robots  all need frameworks to sit in. That’s where we come in! We supply customers with these frameworks, along with  work benches and assembly frames.” Andy Haigh, Owner.