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Teaching time in Tanzania with help from EasyRead Clocks

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ER pic1Last October a group of teachers from a number of local Malvern Primary schools travelled to Tanzania to visit their linked schools in the Tanga region. This is an annual visit and there is a reciprocal visit from Tanzanian teachers back to Malvern in the summer. This link has been established over ten years with new schools joining as time has progressed. EasyRead Clocks of Unit 20 Link Business Centre gave some fabulous resources to take over to help teach time to the children. They have blackboards in the school although chalk is rationed and the children have exercise books but very little in the way of concrete teaching resources.
“EasyRead Clocks gave some small plastic clocks with clear hours and minutes hands that children came up to the front of the class (of 85 children) and used to do different activities relating to time. They also worked on their English Swahili vocabulary for time. A large teaching clock held by the teacher helped model different times and answers. The children loved using the resources. These will be shared through the school for other classes to use too. Time is an important concept in Tanzania. In Tanga they have ‘Tanga Time’ where the day works in a different way to time in the UK. Their daily clock begins at 6am (when the day begins) and not at midnight like us. This means that 7o’clock in the morning is 1:00 in Tanzania. As if time wasn’t complicated enough already!
EasyRead Clocks also gave us two beautiful, colourful wall clocks to go up in two of the classrooms at the school. Thank you so much to EasyRead Clocks for their generosity. The resources will have a big impact at the school.” Debbie Russell

IMG_1068“We were delighted to be able to send some of our clocks and teaching aids over to Tanzania with Debbie and fantastic to see them in use and hear how she got on.” The EasyRead team pictured in their Unit from left to right: Eve Horne, Sue Shackleton, Stuart Blandford

Link Business Centre is proud to provide Amity International 
with the ideal location for its in-house design expansion

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The Amity Group was founded by Mokhles Tangestani-Nejad and Ram Singh in 1991. In 2005, Amity moved into the healthcare sector by developing several patented technologies in the area of High-Level Disinfectants (HLD) for instruments, surfaces & the environment. These initial products led to the development of the healthcare range.
In 2017 Amity opened a dedicated Research and Development Centre & Equipment Manufacturing facility, housed within their Barnsley Warehouse site. This 2,000 square foot resource is mostly used for product testing, ensuring that Amity are continually pushing the boundaries of chemistry within the disinfectant market and producing state of the art technologies to meet consumer demands.
Amity had an opportunity last year to take on an experienced designer in the relevant fields to make this idea a reality. Stephen Byrne is a resident of Malvern and with Amity allowing him to choose a site for this venture anywhere in the country he chose if possible to stay in his hometown. Link Business Centre offered a chance to make this happen. Offering the right size of unit, the position of the site along with having on site management made Unit 18 an ideal proposition. Stephen will be working on projects such as automated Whole Room Decontamination Systems, which provide professionals with a highly effective means of Infection Prevention & Control. He was particularly impressed with the modern, clean and professional feel that the Centre provides, which is what Amity were looking for, crucial when receiving visitors from such organisations as the NHS. Stephen has plans to take on local young people on an apprentice basis when the manufacturing process commences at Unit 18.
AMITY group of companies are approved suppliers to some of the largest corporations in the world i.e. Shell UK, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Jaguar. Already a significant employer in the UK and USA the current expansion programme includes new initiatives creating employment prospects and partnership opportunities on a worldwide scale.
Manufacturing bespoke solutions for the aerospace industry supplying companies such as BAe Systems, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Boeing to name but a few. 

Amity 1(Photo: Stephen Byrne (left) receiving the keys to Unit 18 from Richard Evans) For more information:

Nationally renowned Company give Upton Business Centre the ‘thumbs up’!

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GT logo1When GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service, the largest and most recommended lawn care company, with over 200 branches nationwide decided that they needed more space for storing their products and machines in the Three Counties area, Unit 1C at Upton Business Centre proved to be the ideal solution. 

Its proximity to the M5 and M50 will provide easy access to their Head Office in North Wales and the strategic, secure location of the Centre will be the perfect additional base to provide their Lawn Operatives with the necessary equipment and support to carry out in excess of 1 million lawn treatments every year.

GreenThumb was started by Stephen Waring in North Wales 32 years ago. His first office was in the back of his Ford Sierra, but has since seen his business blossom, with the Company having an annual turnover of over £15m. 

Stephen started his first business venture when still at school in north Wales, selling loft insulation. And he was still only 19 when he invested £64 in 1,000 leaflets, put a bucket of fertiliser in the back of his Sierra and knocked on doors, offering to feed and weed lawns. He ended up with 70 customers on one housing estate alone. Stephen, determined to be a success, realised that with an estimated 20 million UK lawns, there was a huge untapped market. He researched the idea and set up GreenThumb UK, tailoring the concept to meet the needs of the British market and climate.

The company, now based in Denbighshire, North Wales, grew steadily, with Stephen taking on staff to help him deliver the service across the whole country.

In 1994, Stephen took the next big step in his business career. He decided that to spread across the whole of the UK more quickly, he would expand through franchising.

GreenThumb now perform millions of treatments every year nationwide – from Northern Scotland to the Isle of Wight. They continue to pioneer the very best there is in every aspect of lawn treatments, including lawn fertilisers.

There are now approximately 800 GreenThumb vans travelling around the country, regularly seen in cities, towns and villages, the nearest one being in Great Malvern.

It’s ‘Full Marks’ for Point to Point Bank Holiday Weekend success!

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Mark1Mark Wilesmith owned, trained and rode Jack’s Ranger to win the Open Maiden Race at the Radnor and West Hereford Hunt Point to Point, held at Coldharbour, Leominster on Sunday 6th of May.

In a field of nine runners, Jack’s Ranger was in the lead from the start and had a winning margin of two lengths at the finishing post.  The photograph shows three generations of the Wilesmith family enjoying their success. 

New improved CCTV security system provides added protection for tenants

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sue with monitor1For the safety and security of the businesses located at Link and Upton Business Centres, the owners have installed a new CCTV security system. The security system includes 16 CCTV cameras. The system is operated from the CCTV control centre based at the Estate Office at Link Business Centre, and is regularly monitored by members of the management team. 

The new system will play a major role in protecting both business premises by providing detection that can allow the site to be watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security cameras on each site also provide the opportunity to record any criminal activity for evidential purposes.

Upton Business Centre enables B R Hodgson to expand their business, and build for the future

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P1040894Upton Business Centre is providing B R Hodgson Limited with the ideal flexible space required to cater for the expansion of the fabrication side of their business. Having recently taken on an additional Unit, the owners of the Centre made several improvements to the combined area to provide the increased integral space, with improved access, required for the fabrication of the Company’s pre-panelised structural framing solutions, which form easy-to-erect panels, allowing for speed of construction.

“With the help and co-operation of the owners of Upton Business Centre, we are constantly making improvements to the site, which we look upon as an investment in the future of our Company, allowing us to operate a more efficient system for the fabrication process – an area of our business that is constantly expanding. Having our own transport operation, combined with the easy access to the M5 from Upton Business Centre, ensures speed of delivery to the various development sites.” Chris Hopkins, Fabrication Manager

B R Hodgson Limited are currently working on several projects, based in Central London, West Sussex, Plymouth and Exeter, which will keep the site working to full capacity for the next two years. They employ up to 18 staff at the site, depending on the size of the projects they are working on.

B R Hodgson Ltd has a turnover in excess of 20 million pounds. They work on a wide range of commercial projects including hospitals, offices, hotels, residential apartments, refurbishments, schools, Universities, and are experienced in all types of construction.

The Company have achieved a widely acknowledged reputation within the industry since their incorporation. The company maintains core values which encompass reliability, quality and value, and provides professional support in managing their clients expectations.

Pictured above: Chris Hopkins at Upton Business Centre, with one of their vehicles loaded with frameworks ready for delivery for student accommodation at Exeter University.

Morris’ Mini Motors – the one-stop-shop for all remote control model enthusiasts

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P1040895Morris’s business started with a design idea to convert his own hobby engine. Now, Morris’s Mini Motors has an increasingly wide range of parts, engines, kits and accessories, shipped all over the world.

People who purchase from Morris online, already enjoy his impeccable customer service, and now, people have the opportunity to visit his shop at Link Business Centre (Unit 13) and experience his reputation of going the extra mile to get things right for all his customers. They can view the wide range of remote control model cars, planes and drones available, along with everything else they need, such as fuel, paint, parts etc. There is plenty of parking space and they will receive a warm welcome from owner, and fellow enthusiast, Morris.

Sue certainly doesn’t allow time to stand still at Link Business Centre!

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P1040886Sue Shackleton, Director of EasyRead Time Teacher Limited recently gave an inspirational presentation and talk to around 60 attendees, entitled ‘Time is of the Essence’ at the Malvern Festival of Innovation.

The Festival is the Annual Flagship Event organised by Innovate Malvern CIC, which promotes all aspects of innovation at a grass-roots level. It is an annual event held in various venues in and around Malvern. Their aim is to encourage engineering and technology companies to flourish by interacting with the local community, and drive creativity in business and enterprise through networking activities and local collaboration. This was the sixth edition and attracted speakers and participants from around the UK.

Sue’s talk took place at the Coach House Theatre, Malvern. She covered such topics as: What it’s like to start and grow a niche international business. How you can work across time-zones to manage the design, manufacture and delivery of a product. And how e-commerce like eBay and Amazon both help and hinder business growth. Another occupant of Link Business Centre, The Friday Beer Co, provided the liquid refreshments at the event, serving bottles of their latest ales.

EasyRead Time Teacher Limited is a family business dedicated to helping children and adults overcome the problems encountered when learning to tell the time on analogue clocks. It was started by Sue’s brother, Roger Shackleton, who is based in Sydney, Australia. Sue joined him to develop the business in the UK & Europe.

Sue and Roger’s hard work, enthusiasm and faith in their products are an inspiration to any budding entrepreneur. The Company is going from strength to strength – it’s turnover has doubled year on year – and Sue is expecting this year’s turnover to hit one million pounds.

EasyRead Time Teacher designs have been so successful that the clocks are now available in Europe, Australasia and North America, from Amazon, eBay and an increasing list of other outlets.

Andy Haigh, Mid West Automation, ‘saw’ the potential for a tie-up with another Company – and it’s paying off!

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P1040892Mid West Automation have recently agreed a joint contract with a major Birmingham based manufacturer, associated with the automative industry. In 2016, this manufacturer had a turn over in excess of £15 million, and in the last financial year, their profit was £1.5 million. 

Mid West Automation have been supplying materials to the manufacturer for several years, and have built up an excellent working relationship with them. So when the opportunity of an order arose valued in excess of £100,000.00, consisting of at least 20 tonnes of materials and around six months work, they did not hesitate to approach Andy, and suggest that they joined forces.

Andy has invested £8,000 in a new Semi Automatic Aluminium Cutting Saw, which he is going to loan to the manufacturer to use at their premises. He is then going to arrange for box quantities of aluminium to be delivered direct from Bosch. Once the contract is complete, the saw will be returned to their Unit at Link Business Centre, where it will be used for future production, so it is a fantastic opportunity for Andy and Mid West, which is already extremely busy.

Mid West Automation provide high quality aluminium frame design for many different types of applications.

The trend to replace people with robots is on the increase, and will continue to do so. When manufacturers experience the benefits of automation they like the change, and the demand for more increases. These robots  all need frameworks to sit in. That’s where we come in! We supply customers with these frameworks, along with  work benches and assembly frames.” Andy Haigh, Owner.